“Funnily enough, meeting with Rebecca has helped me shift the focus away from weight-loss but to over-all health and happiness. Yes, spoiler alert; weight loss still happens but it happens in this magical anti-shame environment which she so carefully crafts. Not only am I losing weight but I am enjoying and appreciating food in a way I never have before. I mean is she a witch? (A good witch of course.)”

- Lauren, New York City

“Rebecca is not only extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, she is also patient, understanding and non-judgmental. I loved that she spent the extra time learning about me and understanding my current habits before jumping in and giving any suggestions. All of her recommendations were personalized, doable and even made food more enjoyable. Her encouragement, words of wisdom and accountability along the way were a key part of my success that not only led me to achieving a healthier weight, but to feeling happier and more confident in my own skin. I can’t recommend her enough!"

- Stephanie, New York City

“I remember constantly reading, viewing and referring back to Becca's Instagram thinking, “Wow, maybe a healthy diet and lifestyle isn’t just about kale and green juices.” This curiosity led me to finally send Becca a message, and let me tell you, I am so glad that I did. Becca was so warm, welcoming, and professional that I quickly got out of my own head and realized she could help me make some serious, impactful changes to my everyday life. Before we met for our first session, Becca had me document everything that I ate for a period of time. During our first session, we reviewed the journal and discussed some of my concerns and goals. Becca provided me with some helpful tips and some easy watch outs right out of the gate, and followed up with my requested meal plan. Of course, I had a million questions at first, but Becca never made me feel silly or embarrassed. Instead, I felt supported. Through my sessions so far with Becca, I’ve learned to become a much more mindful eater and how to incorporate more veggies into all my meals (not just at dinner). I now understand that it’s all about balance, and being healthy doesn’t have to mean KALE, KALE, KALE. I’m excited to keep working with Becca and learning to live my best life possible."

- Rachael, New York City